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Hi there,

Mmmmm, 30 degree heat. Lovely, isn't it? We're so glad that we didn't wake up with a dehydration headache. We're so glad our clothes went damp with sweat on the train to work. We're so glad there was plenty of space to sit and eat our lunch in the park. Just so, so glad. Still, at least we're not going to get drenched in thundery showers when we leave the office tonight. Super.

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Enjoy the email...

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We'll be here all week:
Story 1
Week In Women: Rosie, Kerr and Perry
We learnt something today. Something big. Something huge. We learnt that freight trains breaking down on your railway line to work...
Story 1
Rosie H-W — not a transformer
Being Rosie-Huntington Whiteley is pretty sweet. We speak not, of course, from any tangible experience of actually being...
Story 1
F.E.A.R. 3 the full review
Bullet-time supersolider Point Man returns to kill legions of masked goons, and this time he's brought his dead brother along for the ride...
Story 1
This trickshot is bound to end well...
Sometimes you just derive simple amusement out of imagining how painful something is. We're not sure why. Guess what happens to this guy..
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Before you go...

We're sure there's a worthy message here, but we just see a pig made of bacon and sausages and think, "Mmm, where can we buy one of those?"

Until next time!

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